Due the guidelines and restrictions from the State of Texas and the Texas Dental Association we will be limiting our services to essential procedures only. We will be continuing any procedures of an emergency nature, address ability to eat, reduce pain, and followup on previous procedures. If you are experiencing symptoms like bleeding gums, pain, or an ongoing bad taste please contact us. Routine checkups and hygiene cleanings will be suspended until after April 21st, 2020.
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Hello, my name is Vanessa. I have been working at Texas Periodontal Associates for over a year now but have been an 'honorary Porras' since 2011. I first started working with them as a caregiver for their wonderful daughter Elena, and this year will be 8 years that I have been in the family. I'm a pretty reserved person, but consider myself to be extremely dedicated and hard working. I love to paint and sculpt- my wish would be to one day be able to have my own little pottery studio in my backyard. I have a fascination with anything to do with criminal justice and am constantly looking for any new crime documentaries on Netflix. I look forward to all that is to come in my personal and professional life and hope to be able to be a part of this team for years to come.

Mr. Bihner Patient Testimonial
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